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Company Profile

Funding Your Dreams
  Rockford Capital Leasing, Inc. specializes in lease financing for industrial and commercial companies purchasing metal working machines, CNC machines, computers, computer peripheral and other standard factory and office equipment.
Fast & Flexible
  • One page lease applications
  • Lease terms ranging from 1-5 years
  • Add-ons and upgrades
  • Soft costs can be included in the lease,
    including freight and installation
  • Lease payment schedules adjusted to fit lessee’s cash flow needs
  • Renewable, return purchase options available
  • Lease amounts as low as $ 2,500 and as high as
    5 million dollars will be considered
Multiple Lease Types Available
  • Capital
    For those who are fairly certain they wish to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease term, this is the recommended plan. At the end of the lease term, the equipment is simply purchased for $1.00. (A nominal charge for processing the title transfer may also apply)
  • Operating / Fair Market Value
    For those worried about obsolescence, this plan offers the most options during and at the end of the lease. It is also particularly beneficial to those who want to have both a small security deposit and a relatively low monthly payment. The Operating Lease allows the most cost to be deferred to the end of the lease, when a decision to retain or upgrade the equipment can be made. At lease end, the equipment can be purchased, returned, or the lease can be renewed.
  • Municipal
    A lease purchase for a municipality is essentially an installment sales contract. It is a market alternative to a case purchase or a municipal bond issue. When properly structured, the interest portion of lease payments is exempt from federal taxation. Because the lessor does not pay federal tax on the interest earned, a tax-exempt lease provides a much lower interest rate to the municipality than other types of borrowing instruments.
Fast Answers from Experienced Professionals
  Rockford Capital Leasing has 20 years of lease funding experience. We are ready to help meet your lease funding needs. We pride ourselves on prompt turnaround time and superior service.


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