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Our Leasing Process is Simple and Direct

Locate the equipment you wish to lease

Meet with a representative of Rockford Capital Leasing, Inc.

We will issue a purchase order to the manufacturer or representative after the terms and conditions of the lease have been agreed upon by you and Rockford Capital Leasing, Inc.


Advantages of Leasing

Conserves cash and credit lines…
  Leasing preserves working capital for use where it produces the best return. It allows existing credit lines to be used for peak short term needs.
Long term, fixed rate financing
100% Deductibility of rental costs
Preserves working capital for other use…
  Operating leases are usually considered “off-balance sheet” financing. Since the leased equipment is not listed as an asset or liability, as is the case if you borrowed the funds, the lease is not subject to restrictive covenants.
Provides financing with minimum upfront cash outlay…
  Leasing allows 100% financing and eliminates the need for equity financing. It permits the lessee to acquire the use of an asset without making a down payment. Leasing allows the acquisition of equipment at today’s cost while meeting payments with tomorrow’s inflated dollars.
Can improve tax position…
  Leasing offers attractive tax advantages beyond other methods of financing. Since lease payments are not a tax preference item, leasing minimizes a company’s exposure to the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT).


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